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About us


Our Story

We are a young enthusastic team of surfers who created perfect ponchos for the entire family! We always had the problem that we felt cold after a long and crazy surfsession. You want to dry yourself, change your wet clothing and get warm again. The Ponchino combines and serves all these needs – and more! We were searching for the perfect fabric, the perfect sizing and the most outstanding and beautiful designs. We could definitely claim that we:

We design sustainable Ponchos with style

Our Ponchos are…


Your poncho will not leave you staying wet and and keeps you from prying eyes while changing your clothes.

Why choosing a poncho?

The ponchos are perfect for any occasion you get wet and need a warm and dry wrap. 


carefully selected fabrics

skin-friendly and fluffy

makes you dry

towel and bathrobe in one


and naturally

warms and protects

against prying eyes when changing